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DRYCLEAN USA was founded in 1977 with the mission of providing customers with high value, exceptional service and convenience for all their garment care needs. In a quarter century, DRYCLEAN USA has grown to be one of the largest, most respected and highly recognizable names in the dry cleaning industry. DRYCLEAN USA has nearly 400 locations around the United States, the Caribbean, Central and South America. The

DRYCLEAN USA brand is practically synonymous with dry cleaning. The growth potential for DRYCLEAN USA is huge. The retail dry cleaning industry is currently made up of more than 30,000 independent stores. Conservative estimates put domestic annual retail sales between $6 - $7 billion. International sales are estimated to be even greater. Remarkably, no single dry cleaning company commands even two percent of this enormous market. DRYCLEAN USA is an organization which is extremely well positioned to change that situation – and you can become part of it.

WHY A DRYCLEAN USA LICENSE? Perhaps, you may have considered the possibility of opening an independent dry cleaning store. After all, there are thousands of such stores around the nation. Why then would you choose a DRYCLEAN USA license? The answer is simple: you get instant experience, expertise and access to DRYCLEAN USA’s proven formula for success. DRYCLEAN USA provides you with the knowledge to keep from making start-up, and day-to-day mistakes.

DRYCLEAN USA also has strong advertising, marketing and public relations support - the kind of support that an independent dry cleaning business owner just can’t afford. In addition, DRYCLEAN USA has it’s own, proprietary line of highly-efficient, dry cleaning equipment designed to help you reach success. www.drycleanusa.com - 21st Century Marketing For A 21st Century Company. To keep pace with technological changes, DRYCLEAN USA has developed a leading edge Internet strategy to compliment its traditional marketing efforts. The DRYCLEAN USA web site, www.drycleanusa.com, offers customers a wide range of services beyond the scope of laundry, dry cleaning and garment care. Additionally, the site will serve as a source for interactive information and solutions to clothing and textile problems for the home and office.

So if you’ve determined that dry cleaning is the route for your career path, then increase your chances for success with a winner. Take the next step to becoming a member of the DRYCLEAN USA family today!
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