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Ten Fields Where Fortune Becons

They don't sound glamorous, but according to marketing professor Thomas Stanley, who has surveyed millionaires since 1973, the businesses listed below often make their owners millionaires. He compiled the list for his students, but most selections don't involve skills learned in classes.
  1. Dry-cleaning services. There's never a shortage of dirty clothes.
  2. Commercial machines and equipment wholesaling. Price tags are steep, and so are profits.
  3. Commercial printing. Customers want quality on tight deadlines, so client loyalty is strong.
  4. Designing computer programs. It needs high IQ's, low overhead.
  5. Data-processing services. For small businesses, it's cheaper to send out.
  6. Excavating and foundation contracting. What goes up must first go down.
  7. Money managers. New financial products make investment advisers a hot commodity.
  8. Independent insurance-broker-age services. Baby-boomers and their families are a fertile market.
  9. Specialized tool-and-die manu-facturing. Customers pay more when you're the only supplier. 1
  10. Jewelry retailing. The profit margins for precious gems are the jeweler's best friend.
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