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DRYCLEAN USA provides state of the art cleaning technology for all fabricare. Our services include alterations, professional stain removal (pre-spotting), cleaning and expert finishing of each garment. Below are the different categories that are used when pricing items.

Regular: Regular fabrics are heavy in weight and sturdy, and include wools, cottons and some polyesters and rayons, and can be any color, except white.

Whites: Our professionals take special care to ensure that white garments sparkle!

Delicates: This category is for fine weave fabrics with silk-like qualities (such as fine silks, rayons, fine polyesters, sheer fabrics and chiffons). It also includes angora, cashmere and velvet garments that require special handling and extra time to clean. Gentle cleaning protects the natural fabrics while renewing colors and textures.

Fancy: Garments with small amounts of trim, beads, sequins or fancy buttons require special care to preserve their style. See Formal Wear for more information.

Press Only: We are happy to accommodate a customer's request to only finish (press or steam) a particular item.


While the business suit says much about the business person who is wearing it, once the jacket comes off, it is the shirt that does all of the talking. DRYCLEAN USA is committed to making you look your best. Paying close attention to the details is our secret. Buttons are tightened or replaced. Collars and cuffs are perfectly pressed. Our professionals starch your shirts to your preference, then place them on hangers or fold them, again according to your preference.


DRYCLEAN USA understands that Formal Wear is a major investment and deserves a very special touch. We take special care so your formal wear will shine - spotless, bright and beautiful. Our services include:

Cleaning and Finishing: Our trained professionals thoroughly inspect each garment for spots, tears, or other problem areas requiring special attention. A gentle cleaning process is done which may include fluff drying depending on the garment. All garments are pressed and hand finished. Our processes brighten colors and refresh the textures of fine fabrics.

Finishing Only: This service is typically requested if a garment has been stored in a customer's closet for some time and they desire to freshen up the appearance of their formal wear for a special occasion. All garments are pressed and hand finished in order to bring them back to life.

Special Cleaning of Beads or Sequins: Some formal wear garments have a substantial amount of beads or sequins, and these items require hand cleaning and special finishing.

Heirlooming: After a wedding dress has been professionally cleaned and finished, our professionals shape and pack the gown and any accessories with tissue paper, and seal it in a special box with a window. The packaging prevents discoloration and ensures that the gown is protected during long-term storage.


A bride will never own anything more beautiful or special than her wedding dress which symbolizes the most precious day of her life. Whether the gown is traditional or modern, elegant or simple, DRYCLEAN USA's Heirlooming Service will protect this investment and those priceless memories.

Upon receiving a gown, DRYCLEAN USA's professionally trained staff will inspect the gown, veil and any accessories for spots, tears or other problem areas requiring special attention. The gown is then hand delivered to one of DRYCLEAN USA's trained cleaners who treats the gown using the gentlest formulas possible. Hand cleaning follows with special attention given to delicate areas.

Fluff-drying ensures that the gown suffers no ill effects from over-exposure to heat. All repair work is done at this point, including minor repairs on buttons and beads, and any additional work requested. The gown is then pressed and hand finished with special attention given to detailed areas.

A final inspection is done. Then our professionals shape and pack the gown and any accessories with tissue paper, and seal it in a special box with a window. The packaging prevents discoloration and ensures that the gown is protected during long-term storage.


Animal skin (leather and suede) has natural irregularities that give it a natural rugged look that is extremely appealing. DRYCLEAN USA uses fine conditioners and cleaners to gently remove dirt and soil while leaving the leather soft and supple. Our process preserves the leather's natural appearance by replenishing the tanning oils lost through age and use. Extra time and care is taken to clean and protect your leather and suede goods.


DRYCLEAN USA offers water repellant treatment to keep outer garments looking and feeling great while protecting them from the rain and moisture. We understand that elements of nature (rain, sun, wind and snow) can ruin fabrics and dull colors. Cleaning outer wear not only removes soil and dirt, but it also removes the existing water repellant that was applied either by the manufacturer or by a drycleaner. Garments treated with water repellant help keep you dry; resist rain, snow and stains; require less frequent cleaning; and maintain the durability and longevity of the garment. The slight additional cost of water repellant treatment is money well spent.


DRYCLEAN USA provides expert care for draperies, bedspreads, table cloths and other fine household fabrics. Our professionals gently remove even the most stubborn dirt, whiten whites and brighten colors to make your entire home look beautiful.

Draperies: Our trained professionals carefully inspect drapes for spots and stains, then delicately clean, steam and roll pleat them for a professional finish. Drapes are packaged ready for hooks and re-hanging.

Table Linens: Table linens carefully inspected, sanitized, professionally cleaned, and pressed to give them extra crisp body and texture. You will love the look and feel of all the linens returned from DRYCLEAN USA.

Bedding: All bedding is carefully inspected and then cleaned according to the manufacturer's recommendations. It is fluff folded and packaged for convenient unwrapping when you arrive home to make the bed.

Sleeping Bags: Sleeping bags are carefully inspected, sanitized, professionally cleaned and fluff folded.


DRYCLEAN USA is proud to provide expert alterations. From the smallest repair to major adjustments, our professionals will deliver the highest quality work. Our services include replacing zippers and buttons, making size alterations, shortening and lengthening hems, and much more.
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