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Selecting the right business to launch a new career doesn't have to be a difficult task. Although there are many factors to take into account, the most important is finding a business that offers exceptional growth potential and a great likelihood of financial stability. When you're investing your hard-earned dollars, you want to select a business that offers a high-level of economic stability and is not greatly affected by fluctuations in the economy.

Dry cleaning is a multi-billion dollar industry that has time and again proven to be recession proof. Clothing will always be in need of cleaning. Furthermore, dry cleaning is a cash and carry business which does not require investing funds in extensive inventory.

According to U.S. News & World Report, dry cleaning is one of ten fields that do not sound glamorous, but often make their owners millionaires. Why? Because, "there's never a shortage of dirty clothes." Every day millions of consumers take their clothing to a dry cleaner. Thousands of new types of garments are labeled "dry clean only," which has created an industry estimated to generate $6 to $7 billion a year.

It doesn't matter what the latest trend in clothing may be, if it's summer, winter, holiday season, or vacation time. Customers will always have their quality garments cleaned professionally. Even with the proliferation of "casual work days" or "wrinkle free," a vast majority of these garments still need to be professionally cleaned and pressed.

DRYCLEAN USA and the dry cleaning business presents entrepreneurs who have the desire and drive to succeed the opportunity to serve consumers while living the American dream - owning and operating your own business.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is dry cleaning?
"Dry cleaning" is a global term that refers to total garment care. From cleaning to pressing to presentation, dry cleaning is a valuable service utilized by millions of people daily. Why should I become a DRYCLEAN USA licensee instead of opening my own store?
Why should I become a DRYCLEAN USA licensee instead of opening my own store?
Becoming a DRYCLEAN USA licensee provides you with all the advantages of being associated with an industry leader, including excellent brand name recognition. DRYCLEAN USA provides its licensees with a successful system with a proven track record, thus allowing you to hit the ground running, and avoid the costly mistakes commonly made by industry novices.
How much does a store cost?
The amount of money you need to invest depends on how much construction and equipment are needed. Costs can vary with the variety of store opportunities. We'll discuss cost in greater detail when we learn your preferences and desires, however, in most instance the price quoted you on a specific location will be a turnkey price.
Do I need previous retail dry cleaning experience to open and operate a DRYCLEAN USA store?
No. Although some DRYCLEAN USA licensees have had previous dry cleaning experience, it is not a requirement. In fact, many DRYCLEAN USA licensees have varied backgounds and are former bankers, accountants, secretaries, and teachers.
I am not sure that I have all the capital needed to open a DRYCLEAN USA store, is financial help available?
Yes. If you are looking for help in raising the necessary capital, please contact us and we can talk to you more in depth about the various financial assistance programs that may be available to you.
Can a store be purchased as an investment without my full time management?
Yes, provided you have a qualified manager to operate the store. However, we believe it's your personal attention that is so important to the success of the program.
Where do I purchase my supplies?
Licensees can purchase approved supplies from any available source that demonstrates ability to deliver such products.
Does DRYCLEAN USA offer assistance with site location?
Yes. DRYCLEAN USA is committed to providing its licensees with the help they need to establish a successful and profitable business. We can assist in all aspects of locating a potential site, from researching an area's demographic profile to providing guidance in the review of the lease.
What locations are available?
There are stores available in many areas of the country. All of these locations are for new stores, planned well in advance and based on site location research.
What if I decide to sell my store after a period of time?
Your store represents a well-recognized business investment. There are qualified people interested in obtaining a DRYCLEAN USA store at any time.
Do I need previous retail dry cleaning experience to open and operate a DRYCLEAN USA store?
No. Although some DRYCLEAN USA licensees have had previous dry cleaning experience, it is not a requirement. In fact, many of DRYCLEAN USA's licensees have varied backgrounds and are former bankers, to accountants to secretaries to teachers.
Does DRYCLEAN USA have a standard operating procedure?
Yes, and it's one of the reasons for the success of DRYCLEAN USA. Over 2 decades of experience and a dedicated professional team have developed a system that assures a smooth running operation. A vital strength of the DRYCLEAN USA system is the uniformity among our stores. Each Licensee's success in part depends on the cooperation and effort of all Licensees. We all work as a team. Customers expect unvarying high quality in our service and the inviting, clean look of every store. Consistency of operation protects existing store investments. District Representatives make regular evaluations of the character and quality of the operation of every store. The Licensee is given constructive feedback. Each store is reviewed on a periodic basis.

The Rules of Operation for your DRYCLEAN USA store are simple, straightforward and based upon our many years of successful experience. The Rules of Operation are part of the License Agreement.
Will DRYCLEAN USA help me with marketing?
Yes. DRYCLEAN USA is a proven leader in traditional marketing methods and media, and is developing leading edge Internet strategies to ensure the company's position as the CLEANER OF THE NEW MILLENNIUM. [More About Advertising / Promotion]
What to do now . . .
If you feel that you have the qualities of a successful Licensee...the long-range goals...the satisfaction of making other people happy...the natural ability to relate well to employees, customers and the community...and the desire for SUCCESS...complete an application and financial statement. Send them to us and we'll take it from there. It's that simple!
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