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Customer service is our priority at DRYCLEAN USA. We take pride in customer satisfaction by providing quality drycleaning and laundering services while making the drop-off and pick-up (or delivery) of your clothing pleasant and speedy.

While visiting this section of the DRYCLEAN USA website, we encourage you to: If you have not yet given your garments the DRYCLEAN USA treatment, we invite you to visit a store near you. If you are an existing customer, we appreciate your business and look forward to serving you in the future.


Understanting Fabricare

Explains the different types of fabric care used and the difference between drycleaning, wetcleaning and laundry.

Guide To Drycleaning

Gives an explanation on the different kins of fabrics that require drycleaning.

Fabric Concerns

Describes the various types of fabrics used in garments and what happens to them upon cleaning.

Trim and Ornamentation

Lists the various kinds of trims and ornamentations that are used on your garments and what to watch out for.

Do's and Dont's

A comprehensive list of what you should do, and not do to care for your garments.
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