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DRYCLEAN USA and the dry cleaning business presents entrepreneurs who have the desire and drive to succeed; the opportunity to serve consumers while living the American dream - owning and operating your own business.

Every day millions of consumers take their clothing to a dry cleaner. Thousands of new types of garments are labeled "dry clean only" which has created an industry estimated to generate $6 to $7 billion a year
Dry cleaning has time and again proven to be a recession proof industry. Clothing will always be in need of cleaning. In addition, dry cleaning is a high cash flow business that does not require investing funds in extensive inventory.

According to U.S. News & World Report, dry cleaning is one of ten fields that doesn't sound glamorous, but often make their owners millionaires, Why? Because "there's never a shortage of dirty clothes."

Every day millions of consumers take their clothing to a dry cleaner. Thousands of new types of garments are labeled "dry clean only," which has created an industry estimated to generate $6 to $7 billion a year.

It doesn't matter what the latest trend in clothing may be—if it's summer, winter, holiday season, or vacation time. Customers will always have their quality garments cleaned professionally. Even with the proliferation of "casual work days" or "wrinkle free," a vast majority of these garments will need to be professionally cleaned and pressed.

DRYCLEAN USA was founded in 1977 by Bill Steiner and Eric Schwartz with one Miami store and a mission of providing customers with high value, exceptional service and convenience for all their garment care needs. As DRYCLEAN USA grew to hundreds of stores, the company went public and was eventually merged with a publicly held British-based drycleaning firm.

With a recent change in ownership, Bill Steiner once again heads up DRYCLEAN USA, the company he co-founded.

In a quarter century, DRYCLEAN USA has grown to be one of the largest, most respected and highly recognizable names in the dry cleaning industry. DRYCLEAN USA has nearly 400 locations around the United States, the Caribbean, Central and South America. "DRYCLEAN USA is practically synonymous with dry cleaning," according to Steiner.

There are a number of reasons to choose DRYCLEAN USA over opening an independent store. The major reason is to obtain instant experience, expertise and access to DRYCLEAN USA's proven formula for success. DRYCLEAN USA provides the knowledge to keep from making start-up, and day-to-day mistakes.

DRYCLEAN USA also has strong advertising, marketing and public relations support - the kind of support that an independent dry cleaning business owner just can't afford.

With years of experience DRYCLEAN USA has developed it's own proprietary line of drycleaning equipment that uses non-hazardous, environmentally friendly, cleaning products. This attention to environmental safety means that major financial institutions and real estate developers have approved of DRYCLEAN USA stores for every kind of site including shopping centers, strip malls and stand alone stores.

A DRYCLEAN USA plant is specifically designed to be highly automated for efficiency and productivity. A minimum number of employees are necessary for a DRYCLEAN USA store to produce the high quality results customers expect.

To keep pace with technological changes, DRYCLEAN USA has developed a leading edge Internet strategy to compliment its traditional marketing efforts. Its website offers customers a wide range of services beyond the scope of laundry, dry cleaning and garment care. Additionally, the site serves as a source for interactive information and solutions to clothing and textile problems for the home and office.

DRYCLEAN USA is committed to selecting the highest quality entrepreneurs and giving them the opportunity and tools to develop single and/or multiple license units throughout a specific, protected territory.

As a prospective licensee, there are three licensing options: becoming a master license developer, single unit operator, or a drop store operator. Master license developers have become the foundation of the company's strength and presence in the marketplace. A master license developer is responsible for the development of a pre-determined number of stores in an exclusive territory. This is achieved by opening their own stores, developing sub-licenses in a specific area, or a combination of both. Success as a master license developer can be maximized by sharing in the successes of the stores operating under a master license agreement.

Franchise Facts

290 NE 68th St.
Miami, FL 33138

Phone: 305-754-9966

Fax: 305-754-8010


Description: Master license developers,
full service drycleaning stores,
drop stores

Investment:Total investment of $80,000
to $350,000 with financing

Locations: Close to 400 stores in the
United States, the Caribbean,
Central and South America

Single "plant" store operators share in the strength of the DRYCLEAN USA name while realizing the entrepreneurial freedom of owning a business that is part of a multi-billion dollar industry. These store operators treat virtually any type of garment in the store with some of the finest equipment available in the industry. Successful plant operators have the opportunity to open additional stores.

Another option is operating a "drop" store location where the customers drop off their garments which are then sent to a full-service DRYCLEAN USA location for processing. This type of option is the most suitable for smaller locations and/or individuals who are not interested in a full-service location.

Steiner anticipates that drycleaning will become more consolidated like other industries have including hardware stores, office supplies, sporting goods and toy stores.

"When a customer enters a DRYCLEAN USA whether in Florida or California, there's a name recognition factor that works for the customer," Steiner said. "We intend to continue building DRYCLEAN USA into the most recognizable name for dry cleaning, "Clean Across America.'"

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