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Featured in Profile Section of BIZ Magazine International 2000 Issue

DRYCLEAN USA and the dry cleaning business presents entrepreneurs who have the desire and drive to succeed; the opportunity to serve consumers while living the American dream - owning and operating your own business.

Dry cleaning has time and again proven to be a recession proof industry. Clothing will always be in need of cleaning. In addition, dry cleaning is a high cash flow business that does not require investing funds in extensive inventory.

Retailing For Developers

As long as there have been tenants and shopping centers developers, there has been controversy, usually involving the responsibilities of the two parties within the terms of the contract, and what each party is supposed to get. As in most business dealing, there have always been some problems between developers and tenants. But there have also been a great many solutions, which are the groundwork for more sophisticated, and mutually satisfying dealings in the developer / tenant partnership.

Ten Fields Where Fortune Beckons

They don't sound glamorous, but according to marketing professor Thomas Stanley, who has surveyed millionaires since 1973, the businesses listed below often make their owners millionaires. He compiled the list for his students, but most selections don't involve skills learned in classes.

General Interest

Franchises account for a large percentage of all business. A franchise business is more likely to succeed than an independent because organizational and marketing strength, along with a strong national image help bring in customers. In selecting a franchise, pick one that is proven, with a positive, unfailing demand for service.
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