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Advertizing and Promotion

DRYCLEAN USA's advertising and promotional programs are designed to create and simulate sales and traffic. When the programs accomplish this, it then becomes the licensee's job to bring them back. DRYCLEAN USA maintains it's own advertising department, which is supported by a nationally recognized advertising agency, a public relations firm and a large direct mail facility. A grand opening advertising package is available at a nominal charge. A licensee will realize from the start, that the advertising support received from DRYCLEAN USA builds profitable volume. The market area is analyzed and the media that best reaches the market at the lowest possible cost is selected to announce an introduction to business. 

continuous source of new advertising and promotional material is available. The latest concepts in graphics, design and merchandizing plans are available to back a new and existing business. In many respects, cleaning is seasonal business. Our experience will guide your promotional efforts to meet the markets demands. Professionally prepared windows display units, newspaper ads, radio scripts, television commercials and a wide variety of promotional materials are available as sales simulators.
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